• A Review of Finite Approximations, Archimedean and Non-Archimedean 

      Digernes, Trond (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      We give a review of finite approximations of quantum systems, both in an Archimedean and a non-Archimedean setting. Proofs will generally be omitted. In the Appendix we present some numerical results.
    • Adeles in Mathematical Physics 

      Bakken, Erik Makino (Master thesis, 2012)
      Vi vil utforske bruken av adeler i matematisk fysikk.
    • Applications of p-adic Numbers to well understood Quantum Mechanics: With a focus on Weyl Systems and the Harmonic Oscillator 

      Bakka, Haakon Christopher (Master thesis, 2012)
      In this thesis we look at how it is possible to construct models in quantum mechanics by using p-adic numbers. First we look closely at different quantum mechanical models using the real numbers, as it is necessary to ...
    • Brownian motion and finite approximations of quantum systems over local fields 

      Bakken, Erik Makino; Digernes, Trond; Weisbart, David (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      We give a stochastic proof of the finite approximability of a class of Schrödinger operators over a local field, thereby completing a program of establishing in a non-Archimedean setting corresponding results and methods ...
    • Finite approximations of physical models over local fields 

      Bakken, Erik Makino; Digernes, Trond (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2015)
      We show that the Schrödinger operator associated with a physical system over a local field can be approximated in a very strong sense by finite Schrödinger operators. Some striking numerical results are included at the end ...
    • Finite Approximations of Quantum Systems in a Non-Archimedean and Archimedean Setting 

      Bakken, Erik Makino (Doctoral thesis at NTNU;2016:212, Doctoral thesis, 2016)
      Approximation of quantum systems by nite dimensional quantum systems goes back to the foundation of quantum mechanics. Finite dimensional quantum systems were considered by Hermann Weyl, and were considered in much ...
    • Ola Bratteli and His Diagrams 

      Landstad, Magnus Brostrup; Elliott, George A.; Bratteli, Tone; Digernes, Trond; Størmer, Erling; Robinson, Derek W; Kishimoto, Akitaka; Jorgensen, Palle E.T.; Evans, David E. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    • Recollections of V. S. Varadarajan 

      Digernes, Trond; Varadhan, S.R.S.; Rapoport, Michael; Gangolli, Ramesh; Fioresi, Rita; Blasius, Don (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Known to friends, students, and colleagues just as Raja, Veeravalli Seshadri Varadarajan (born May 18, 1937) was a mathematician of Indian origin who made foundational contributions to multiple fields, including probability, ...