• Additive Manufacturing with Superduplex Stainless Steel Wire by CMT Process 

      Lervåg, Malin; Sørensen, Camilla; Robertstad, Andreas; Brønstad, Bård M.; Nyhus, Bård; Eriksson, Magnus Carl Fredrik; Aune, Ragnhild; Ren, Xiaobo; Akselsen, Odd Magne; Bunaziv, Ivan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      For many years, the oil and gas industry has utilized superduplex stainless steels due to their high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) was used with superduplex filler wire ...
    • Application of laser-arc hybrid welding of steel for low-temperature service 

      Bunaziv, Ivan; Akselsen, Odd Magne; Frostevarg, Jan; Kaplan, Alexander F.H. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      Laser-arc hybrid welding (LAHW) is more often used in shipbuilding and oil and gas industries in recent years. Its popularity arises due to many advantages compared to conventional arc welding processes. The laser beam ...
    • Fiber Laser-MAG Hybrid Welding of Structural Steels for Arctic Applications 

      Bunaziv, Ivan (Doctoral theses at NTNU;2018:149, Doctoral thesis, 2018)
    • Filler metal distribution and processing stability in laser-arc hybrid welding of thick HSLA steel 

      Bunaziv, Ivan; Wenner, Sigurd; Ren, Xiaobo; Frostevarg, Jan; Kaplan, Alexander F.H.; Akselsen, Odd Magne (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      Welds made by high power laser beam have deep and narrow geometry. Addition offiller wire by the arc source,forming the laser-arc hybrid welding (LAHW) process, is very important to obtain required mechanical prop-erties. ...
    • Hybrid Welding of 45 mm High Strength Steel Sections 

      Bunaziv, Ivan; Frostevarg, Jan; Akselsen, Odd Magne; Kaplan, Alexander F.H. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      Thick section welding has significant importance for oil and gas industry in low temperature regions. Arc welding is usually employed providing suitable quality joints with acceptable toughness at low temperatures with ...