• Can heating-induced creep result in shale barriers for P&A applications? 

      Bauer, Andreas Kurt Marcel; Stenebråten, Jørn; Li, Liming; Fjær, Erling (Chapter, 2017)
      It has been shown that some shale formations form barriers around a casing of a well due to shale creep that results in closure and sealing of the annulus around the casing. The existence of such shale barriers facilitates ...
    • Geomechanics and Rock Physics of Anisotropic Overburden Shales 

      Duda, Marcin Ireneusz (Doctoral theses at NTNU;2023:326, Doctoral thesis, 2023)
      Shales, with their diverse composition and complex properties, present an interesting research subject and a challenging material to work with. As they constitute a significant portion of the overburden in most currently ...
    • Non-elastic effects in static and dynamic rock stiffness 

      Lozovyi, Serhii; Sirevaag, Tore Lie; Szewczyk, Dawid; Bauer, Andreas Kurt Marcel; Fjær, Erling (Chapter, 2017)
      The static stiffness of a rock is generally smaller than its dynamic stiffness, which, for non-dispersive rocks, is due to a difference in strain amplitude in compaction tests (quasi-static) and wave-velocity measurements ...
    • Overburden pore-pressure changes and their influence on 4D seismic 

      Holt, Rune Martin; Bauer, Andreas Kurt Marcel; Bakk, Audun (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      Changes in seismic two-way travel time in the overburden can be attributed to pore pressure changes in the underlying reservoir. Since cap rock permeability is very small, these stress changes occur without drainage on ...
    • Stress-path dependence of ultrasonic and seismi velocities in shale 

      Holt, Rune Martin; Bauer, Andreas Kurt Marcel; Bakk, Audun; Szewczyk, Dawid (Journal article, 2016)
      4D seismic time-shifts are induced by stress changes in the overburden as a result of depletion from or injection into an underlying reservoir. This represents a powerful technique for tracking unrecovered hydrocarbon ...
    • The Importance of Overburden Stress Path in Assessment of Stress Dependence for 4D Applications 

      Holt, Rune Martin; Bauer, Andreas Kurt Marcel; Bakk, Audun (Chapter, 2016)