• Airborne Wind Turbines for Ship Propulsion 

      Gilje, Kristian Malde (Master thesis, 2013)
      As the focus on the environment and how to produce ?clean? and renewable energy takes a lot of focus these days, the research on this field is constantly increasing. Especially in the shipping industry there are frequently ...
    • Biomimetic Ship Propulsion through Oscillating Hydrofoils 

      Godø, John Martin Kleven (Master thesis, 2015)
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    • Flapping Foil Propulsion for Conventional Ships 

      Yrke, Audun (Master thesis, 2017)
      Feasibility of flapping foil propulsion was discussed with respect to design in the project thesis. The study showed that flapping foil propulsion is feasible for conventional ships, but the performance predictions were ...
    • Fuel savings for a general cargo ship employing retractable bow foils 

      Bøckmann, Eirik; Yrke, Audun; Steen, Sverre (Journal article, 2018)
      Route simulations were performed on a 100 m long (between perpendiculars) general cargo ship equipped with retractable bow-mounted foils, so-called wavefoils, for resistance reduction and motion damping in waves. Two ...
    • Influence of a Wavefoil on the Wave Pattern Resistance of a Ship 

      Hagen, Benjamin Vist (Master thesis, 2018)
      The Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equation has been numerically solved in order to study the interaction between the steady wave patterns of a wavefoil and ship hull, using the open source software OpenFOAM. Turbulence ...
    • Mathematical Modelling of a Foil Propulsion System 

      Eitzen, Fridtjof Camillo (Master thesis, 2012)
      This thesis considers a foil propulsion system on a supply vessel. In analysing the potential of a foil propulsion system, it is imperative to establish a rigid mathematical model. In that respect, modelling of the dynamic ...
    • The potential energy savings by application of a wave foil on the autonomous container vessel ReVolt 

      Riley, Eivind Finne (Master thesis, 2015)
      ReVolt is an electrically propelled, autonomous concept container ship designed by DNV GL to minimize the energy consumption and cost; however, the added resistance in waves is a large resistance contributor. Effectively, ...
    • Wave Propulsion of Ships 

      Bøckmann, Eirik (Doctoral thesis at NTNU;2015:16, Doctoral thesis, 2015)
      Propelling a boat forward by converting wave energy into propulsive thrust was first proposed in 1858 and first successfully done in practice in the 1890s - to the author's knowledge. Several experimenters have since ...
    • Wind Turbine Propulsion of Boats and Ships 

      Bøckmann, Eirik (Master thesis, 2010)
      Increasing focus on reduction of CO2 emissions, and the possibility of future severe shortage of oil have sparked renewed interest in wind as supplementary propulsion of merchant ships. Several alternative solutions are ...