• Calculation of Added Mass in the Proximity of the Seabed for an Oscillating Disc 

      Rosvoll, Magnus Ingvard (Master thesis, 2012)
      Calculations have been made with the commercial CFD-software Ansys Fluent, with dynamic mesh.
    • CFD Study of Diffuse Ceiling Ventilation through Perforated Ceiling Panels 

      Nocente, Alessandro; Arslan, Tufan; Grynning, Steinar; Goia, Francesco (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Diffuse Ceiling Ventilation (DCV) is a promising concept to address internal air quality and thermal comfort requirements in contemporary buildings. Sound-absorbing perforated ceiling panels are common in office rooms and ...
    • Interaction between bodies in a viscous flow 

      Hovrud, Jan Marius (Master thesis, 2011)
      Using the open-source CFD-solver OpenFOAM with a numerical scheme which is first order in time and second order in space, calculations of unsteady 3D flow around two cylinders in tandem arrangement at low Reynolds number ...
    • Large-eddy simulations of cross-flow around ship sections 

      Arslan, Tufan (Doctoral thesis at NTNU;2016:111, Doctoral thesis, 2016)
      This thesis reports numerical simulations of three-dimensional (3D) unsteady cross flow over two ship sections located side-by-side. The ship sections have different breadth and draft conditions which represent typical ...