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    • Portrait of a giant deep-seated magmatic conduit system: The Seiland Igneous Province 

      B. Larsen, Rune; Grant, Thomas; Sørensen, Bjørn Eske; Tegner, Christian; McEnroe, Suzanne; Pastore, Zeudia; Fichler, Christine; Nikolaisen, Even; Grannes, Kim Rune Bragstad; Church, Nathan Stewart; ter Maat, Geertje; Michels, Alexander (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      The Seiland Igneous Province (SIP), Northern Norway, contains > 5000 km2 of mafic and ultramafic intrusions with minor alkaline, carbonatite and felsic rocks that were intruded into the lower continental crust at a depth ...
    • Structural and Petrological Study of the Klemetsaunet Plagiogranite, Trondheim, Norway 

      Vedeler, Sebastian (Master thesis, 2013)
      The Klemetsaunet plagiogranite is a felsic rock connected with the Bymarka ophiolite, and is a part of the Upper allochton of the Scandinavian Caledonides. The plagiogranitic body is cut by several mafic dikes, and this ...
    • The Sveconorwegian orogeny – reamalgamation of the fragmented southwestern margin of Fennoscandia 

      Slagstad, Trond; Marker, Mogens; Roberts, Nick M.W.; Saalmann, Kerstin; Kirkland, Christopher L.; Kulakov, Evgeniy; Ganerød, Morgan; Røhr, Torkil Sørlie; Møkkelgjerd, Steinar Halvdan Hansen; Granseth, Anette; Sørensen, Bjørn Eske (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      The Sveconorwegian orogeny encompasses magmatic, metamorphic and deformational events between ca. 1140 and 920 Ma at the southwestern margin of Fennoscandia. In recent years, the tectonic setting of this nearly 200 Myr-long ...